Chapters in Books

Palestinian Abstract Painting

InTajreed: Arab Abstract Art: The Modern Period 1908-1960

Amer Huneidi, Ed.

Skira, 2014.



Suha Shoman: Screens of Lifesuhacover

In: Suha Shoman Catalogue.

Darat al Funun – The Khalid Shoman Foundation – Alexandria Biennale (Alexandria), 2009.


Contemporary Palestinian Cultural Paradoxes.

In: Palestine c/o Venice.

Salwa Mikdadi, Ed.

Mind the Gap (Beirut), 2009.


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Paradigm shift: Building Inclusive Cultural Practices.

In: An Alternate Gaze: A Shared Reflection on Cross-Mediterranean Cooperation in the Arts.

Odile Chenal, et al, Eds.

European Cultural Foundation (Amsterdam), 2008.



Occupation, Death, Art & Remembrance: The 100 Shaheed-100 Lives Memorial exhibition.

In: Maidan: Perspectives on Contemporary Art & Culture from the Caucasus, Central Asia & Middle East.

Beral Madra, Ed.

BM Contemporary Art Center (Istanbul), 2007. ISBN: 978-975-01116-0-0